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Project management is the practice of supervising the activities of a team in order to fulfill all project objectives within the time constraints given. If you belong to the translation industry, we can understand how challenging it can be to handle several projects in a day. Awtomated software can reduce your tension of handling projects more efficiently. We have a built-in project management feature that lets you collaborate with team members for every project. You can also provide machine-driven translation with our software.

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What is Awtomated?

Awtomated is business management software designed specifically for the translation industry. The translator designs this software to help translators globally in their project management. This software allows you to collaborate with a team member for every project. You can also use this software for machine-driven translation.

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How Awtomated software
can help you in project management

Project managers typically begin a translation project once they clearly understand its scope.
Then, they focus on the client’s request for input to refine the requirements. This helps a project manager understand how to carry out the translation work.

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We are sure that you will be amazed to learn this task of a project manager can become easier with our software. You can use our project management feature to make a project plan. Our software will also help you to create strategies based on the following things-

  • Timeframe and size of the project
  • Number of team members
  • Type of resource available
  • Type of language

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You can also use our translation project management software to enter the resources and requirements of a project. In addition, our software will allow you to keep track of your project lifecycle and budget as the translation job progresses. Moreover, it will allow you to create a project schedule and know your client’s anticipation.

Why choose us

We know that everyone searches for the benefits of any service or product before using them. You might also find benefits in adapting our software to your project management task. The following are some benefits of our software-

Increase productivity

Automation can help you enhance productivity and do more in less time without acquiring additional resources. Indeed, project managers are dedicated to their work, but they can sometimes feel bored and irritated while doing daily follow-ups of reports and documents.

Our software eliminates the need for regular follow-ups because they have an in-built management system that performs regular follow-ups itself.

Support integration

Multiple tools and systems can share information, automatically update, and allow you to access and control a single source of truth with the aid of Awtomated.

Save cost

Awtomated also has a feature of automation translation that allows you to translate without the help of humans. Therefore, it will help you to reduce errors and mistakes. In addition, using our software will save you money because you won’t need to hire additional translators.

Enable continuous scalability

Lack of scalability is a big issue that traditional translator software has. In those platforms, you cannot pull back the file or document you send. But our software allows you to interact with several translators and update your project information. It also provides scalable solutions.

Maintain communication

Our software also allows you to make it easy to find communication issues and project-related problems. It also helps you to find the right solutions. You can also track communication and connect with your team members and clients easily with our software.

Reduce workload

If you are fed up with your workload, our software can help you reduce your workload. It can tackle busy work and extra tasks, like reminding people about deadlines, checking task status, and more.

This is not the end; you can avail of unlimited benefits with our software.


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