4 Reason to have a Translation Project Management?

Your translation company needs to manage daily translation projects for clients. However, Translation Project Management is at a time not easy. Although you have a big team of translators, they need to collaborate with each other for every project. That is why Awtomated has integrated the project management feature into its software. You can provide […]

Why Translation Companies can’t afford to avoid using Translation Memory?

A translation memory is a database that stores sentences, paragraphs or segments of text that have been translated before. As translation memory captures translations and stores them for future use, the translation companies can cut down the amount of time it would take their translators to complete a project. The main five reasons as to […]

How Automation helps translation companies to streamline their localization process?

Managing multilingual documents is a time consuming error prone and expensive task, particularly when dealing with dynamic documents, such as web contents. Automation facilitates all aspects related to multilingual web content management from negotiating translation request quotations through production of final localised output as well as its verification, and delivery. These activities are based on […]

How Business Automation helps you grow your translation company?

Technology extends human capacities. The key technology for humans is electronic in nature. Texts on the web are constantly being updated, as is our software.   The term automation was coined in the automobile industry about 1946 to describe the increased use of automatic devices and controls in mechanised production lines.In general usage, automation can […]

8 Great Benefits of Using A Translation Business Management System

Translation services play a major role in today’s business landscape as they ensure that their clients get discovered by new audiences and make more sales in different territories. As a translation business, you have to improve your workflow to provide better services to your clients. How’ll you be able to boost your productivity if you […]