Empowering Translation Companies to excel

A cloud-based Translation Business Management System that not only reduces human effort and increases productivity, but will also revolutionize the way Translation business operates.

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Streamline Your Process

In order to perform regular tasks as a translation company, we wanted to eliminate the frustration of juggling so many different tools across so many platforms. We decided to create an all-in-one system to centralize and automate all your daily activities. The bonus? With special features like Translation Memory designed specifically for companies like yours, you’ll maximize efficiency, productivity, and profitability.

Project and Task Management

You’ll never lose track of your orders or employees again. Tracking, data visualization, and automation – all from one place – can help avoid human errors, reduce delivery times, and increase productivity by helping management make informed decisions.

Get the Most for Your Money

Translation agencies often have to manage employees, track expenses, and collaborate online through dozens of platforms at once. When an agency has to cover multiple subscriptions, the costs can start to add up. Organize all your activities into one place to save time and money.

Focus on Client Satisfaction and Acquisition

Create the perfect CRM for your business. Thanks to an integrated platform with all the tools you need in one place, you can spend your time focusing on what really matters: delighting and retaining clients.

Handle 200% more projects with Awtomated

Automated simplifies the process of handling large and complex workloads, allowing you to organize customer lists and automate your daily activities that would normally take hours or days to complete manually. You are now free to scale your business and grow your client base.

One Platform to Rule Them All

Awtomated is an all-encompassing solution that offers Translation companies flexibility, speed, and reliability. Streamline routine tasks, increase productivity, and enhance collaboration using convenient tools. Never be held back by administrative duties with Awtomated at your side.

Project Management

A Translation company can improve the speed, cost, and quality of their translation operations without  compromising the translation quality.

Vendor Management

With the help of smart vendor portal, a Vendor can track and manage their project efficiently, deliver on time and get paid timely with the help of Awtomated.

Client Relationship Management

Manage customer data, organize orders by client, set up campaigns emails. CRM allows for workflow setup, understanding customer needs, and implementing tools and processes that boost sales.

Translation Memory

Helps minimize the time spent on each order. It also improves your quality assurance by avoiding inconsistencies. Awtomated maintains these memories centrally, ensuring a streamlined process.


A business’s performance is only as good as its reporting practices. Awtomated makes it easy to track revenue and key metrics, as well as where your money is going.

Invoicing, POs & Estimates

Creating professional invoices & POs for your clients has never been easier. Using our invoice generator, you can easily create, customize, send and track invoices.

File Management

Managing files has never been easier! Collaborate with Translator and Client together to improve your quality and delivery!


It will help you have a better overview of the company growth. You can customize what you want to see on dashboard.


Flexible option to customize the tool as per your requirement. In setting you can give access to employees, set currancy, manage role of your team

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