Awtomated aims to help Translation and Localization Companies in end to end project management.

Translation Project management is the practice of supervising the activities of a team in order to fulfill all Translation and Localization project objectives within the given time constraints.

In addition, awtomated has built-in translation project management feature that lets you collaborate with team members for each project you are working on.

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Awtomated improves scalability of your translation company

Awtomated is a translation business management software designed specifically for the translation industry. The tool is built to help Translation Companies globally to automatetheir translation business management. This  tool allows you to collaborate with the  team member for every project you are working on. Additionally, this tool is integrated with translation memory and is AI powered to have better data driven insights leading to effective decision making.

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How Awtomated can help you in Translation project management

Project managers typically begin a translation project once they clearly understand its scope. Next, they focus on the client’s request for inputs to refine the requirements. This helps a project manager understand how to carry out the translation work. You can use awtomated project management features toprepare an effective project plan and deliver Translation projects on time.

Delivering projects on time is the core of a translation company.

Awtomated will help you to create project strategies based on the following things

  • Deliver more Translation Project
  • Collaborate better with Team
  • Better Tracking and Monitoring

You can also revamp and streamline your workflows with a few clicks using Awtomated.

Our translation project management system will allow you to keep track of your project lifecycle and budget as the translation job progresses. Moreover, it allows you to create a project schedule and know your client’s anticipations.

Why choose Awtomated

We built Awtomated for Translation company which will not only reduce human effort and increase productivity, but it will also revolutionize the way your Translation business operates. The following are some benefits of our Translation Business Management System.

Increase productivity

Automation can help you enhance productivity and do more in less time without acquiring additional resources.

Save cost

Awtomated has integrated work flow and inbuilt translation memory that allows you to Save time and Money. It will help you to reduce errors and increase consistency.

Enable continuous scalability

Lack of scalability is a persistent issue that all traditional businesses face as they lack innovative systems to pull back the translated text. Awtomated provides scalable Business solutions.

Maintain communication

Our inbuilt Ticket support system helps you tracks communication and connect with your team members and clients and Vendors conveniently with Awtomated.

Reduce workload

An integrated cloud-based software system that will automate most mundane processes of a business which will reduce workload.

Support integration

Multiple tools and systems can share information, automatically update, and allows you to access and control a single source of truth with the aid of Awtomated.

This is not an end; you can avail unlimited benefits with Awtomated.


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Why Choose Us?

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How do you ensure quality in a Translation project?

There are several ways to ensure quality in a Translation project, including:

Setting clear quality standards and requirements at the beginning of the project

  • Choosing qualified and experienced translators
  • Providing clear and accurate source materials
  • Using translation memory tools and other resources to ensure consistency in translation
  • Reviewing and proofreading translations to catch any errors or inconsistencies
  • Gathering feedback from stakeholders and incorporating it into the translation process.
What are some challenges of Translation project management?

Some common challenges of Translation project management include:

  • Coordinating the work of multiple translators and other team members
  • Ensuring consistency in translation across different languages and subject areas
  • Managing deadlines and meeting project milestones
  • Staying within budget
  • Ensuring the final translation meets the required quality standards
  • Managing communication and expectations with stakeholders.
What are the best practices for Translation project management?

Some best practices for Translation project management include:

  • Clearly defining project scope and objectives
  • Identifying the resources and skills required for the project
  • Creating a detailed project plan and timeline
  • Setting realistic deadlines and budgets
  • Regularly tracking progress and addressing any issues or challenges as they arise
  • Ensuring that the final translation meets the required quality standards
  • Communicating effectively with team members and stakeholders throughout the project.
What tools and software are used in Translation project management?

There are various tools and software available to assist with Translation project management, including project management software, translation management systems, and translation memory tools. These tools can help to streamline the translation process and improve efficiency.

What are the key considerations in Translation project management?

Some key considerations in Translation project management include:

  • Identifying the language pairs and subject matter expertise required for the project
  • Estimating the time and resources needed for the project
  • Setting clear project goals and objectives
  • Creating a project plan and timeline
  • Assigning tasks and responsibilities to team members
  • Managing budgets and tracking project costs
  • Ensuring the final translation meets the required quality standards
What is Translation project management?

Translation project management refers to the process of organizing and coordinating the various tasks involved in a translation project. This includes tasks such as assigning translators, setting deadlines, tracking progress, and ensuring that the final translation meets the required quality standards.

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