Why Translation Companies can’t afford to avoid using Translation Memory?

A translation memory is a database that stores sentences, paragraphs or segments of text that have been translated before. As translation memory captures translations and stores them for future use, the translation companies can cut down the amount of time it would take their translators to complete a project.

The main five reasons as to why translation companies should use translation memory:


Translate Faster
Awtomated speed up translation companies multilingual workflow and reduces need to hire a professional translator every time there is new content to localize. Many marketing, advertising and legal content have a lot of repetitive content that a TM feature can translate quickly, saving a lot of time.


Improve Consistency
Translation memory aims to reduce inconsistencies by giving Translation company’s vendors and translators an access to a bank of previously translated phrases and glossaries. Using Awtomated, multiple translators can work on the same project, producing consistent results.


Reduce Costs
The source content by the translation company’s client is broken down into segments and the previously translated work database is used to look for matches. Depending on the type of match, any text that has been translated previously will be reused to reduce translation costs.


Deliver Quality Content
It becomes possible for translation company’s translators to quickly get acquainted with glossaries used in specific Industries with the use of TM feature and therefore, providing quality content with specific verbiage used for specific industries becomes easy.


Optimally Utilize Resources
Translation Companies can save their translators time and can utilise services of less experienced translators who are new to specific subjects and can still provide usable translations using term glossaries and previously used translations.

By using translation Memory feature offered by AWTOMATED, translation companies can benefit from all the above stated reasons and can save up-to forty percent of translation cost.

8 Great Benefits of Using A Translation Business Management System

Translation services play a major role in today’s business landscape as they ensure that their clients get discovered by new audiences and make more sales in different territories. As a translation business, you have to improve your workflow to provide better services to your clients.

How’ll you be able to boost your productivity if you have to juggle a ton of tools at the same time? The only way to streamline your translation workflow and handle projects properly is by using a Translation Business Management System.

Keep reading this blog to find eight amazing benefits you can avail of by using a Translation Business Management Tool for your agency!

1. Project Management

As a translation agency, you will have to deal with various clients at the same time who have different requirements. You won’t be able to manage all your clients properly if you don’t have a proper workflow.

For example, if you have to use different tools to create invoices, send reports, and collect payments, then you won’t be able to fulfill orders on time, and this is where a Translation project management system comes in place!

The biggest benefit of Business management software for translation companies is that it allows managers, business owners, and accountants to coordinate and manage projects the right way.

2. Task Management

The translation process can get difficult to handle if it’s not broken down into smaller tasks. For example, when handling a project for your client that requires you to juggle different languages, you have to divide the project into different tasks to get things done easily.

But the question is, how do you initiate and handle task management in the first place?

As mentioned above, things will get out of hand if you use several tools to create tasks and deploy them within your team. A simple way to manage all your translation tasks is to use a Translation Business Management Tool.

Using a proper Translation Business Management Tool, you can easily assign tasks and track their progress to complete projects on time.

3. Client Management

Client management can get more difficult to handle than internal task management if you don’t have a proper strategy. You’ll struggle to communicate with your clients if you don’t set clear tasks and fail to give achievable deadlines to your clients.

But a simple way to handle all your clients effortlessly is to use a proper Translation Business Management Tool. This tool can help you communicate with all your clients in one place, so you don’t have to rely on different tools.

Using a Translation Business Management Tool can also help you share progress reports with your clients to keep them in the loop about the project’s flow.

4. Vendor Management

Many translation agencies rely on vendors to complete the projects for their clients. If you are also in contact with remote vendors like translation teams, you must stay in touch with those vendors to avoid delays.

Vendor management can become effortless if you use a Translation Business Management Tool. This tool will allow you to communicate with all your vendors in one place. Other than that, you’d also be able to track their progress to ensure that you can complete the projects for your clients at the right time.

5. Invoicing and PO

Handling your finances as a translation company is as important as maintaining the quality of your translation services. If you don’t charge your clients the right way or send improper invoices, you won’t be able to run your business.

A Translation Business Management System will help you manage your invoices and POs all in one place. With software that helps you track different orders and project costs, you’d find it easier to handle your accounts and finances.

6. Deals and Estimates

Some clients require you to give a rough estimate of the fees you’ll charge for their translation project. A Translation Business Management System can make it easier for you to give quotes according to the specific needs of your clients.

In some cases, you will have to offer special discounts to some of your clients. If you “compromise” on quality or don’t handle the projects you’re offering at a discounted price, things will go out of hand. A simple way to differentiate your deals from your “regular projects” is to use a Translation Business Management Tool.

This tool will help you label different types of projects you manage for your clients. With proper labeling, it will become effortless for you to meet the expectations of your clientele.

7. Translation Memory

As a translation agency, you will end up creating a database of sentences and paragraphs that you have translated again and again. You can rely on this database to provide faster translation services. You’ll be able to tap into your “Translation Memory” database and finish translation projects before reaching the deadline.

But how do you use the Translation Memory database to your advantage? Luckily, you don’t have to spend millions of dollars on developing a new program for this purpose. A Translation Business Management System has built-in capability to handle your custom Translation Memory databases.

Using a Translation Business Management System, you can change your Translation Memory database according to your specific business needs.

8. SaaS Integration

A Translation Business Management System cannot provide every single feature you need to run your business. Even after you choose a Translation Business Management System for your business, you will have to rely on other SaaS tools to get tasks done.

But what if you could connect all your SaaS tools and use them in one place? It’s easier to integrate your favorite SaaS tools with the help of a Translation Business Management Tool.

Using SaaS integration, you can save yourself from the hassle of managing your time when using different SaaS products.

You don’t have to be a nerd to use the SaaS integration feature of a Translation Business Management Tool. The customer support team of the Translation Business Management Tool you use can set up SaaS integration according to your specific needs.